Emergent Worship Leader Position Description

Status:     Part-time, salaried

Hours:     Minimum 20 hours per week

Benefits: Time off in accordance with the Larchmont United Methodist Church Vacation and Leave Policy.

Position OverviewThe Worship Leader will be part of the team that designs and leads the Emergent Worship service at 9:45 AM every Sunday morning.  This person is highly creative, possesses a willingness to collaborate and innovate a new worship service, and work closely with the Senior and Associate Pastors. 

Accountable to:  For operational purposes, the Emergent Worship Leaders reports ultimately to the Senior Pastor, but works with and reports directly to the Associate Pastor.   For Administrative purposes, the Emergent Worship Leader reports to the Senior Pastor and the Staff-Parish Relations Committee.

Performance:  This position will be subject to an annual assessment in accordance with church policy.

Primary Job Responsibilities:

  • Worship
    • Plan and assist in leading of the weekly Emergent Worship service on Sunday morning at 9:45 AM.
    • Recruit, coordinate, schedule, and oversee volunteers who assist in the Emergent Worship service.
    • Provide administrative oversight to aspects of the Emergent Worship service, including, but not limited to: audio/visual, graphic design creation and production, music production and presentation.
    • Research and develop media requirements for services. Research new music and select music that relates to the worship plan.
    • Maintain music licensing used in Emergent Worship as well as music library and equipment.
    • Plan and oversee weekly rehearsals with any musicians, vocalists, speakers, or any other volunteers taking part in that Sunday’s worship.
    • Responsible for weekly setup and tear down of the worship space for the Emergent Worship service. Set up and morning rehearsal must be completed before the 8:45 AM Chapel Worship service.  Tear down is flexible in accordance with church calendar and Fellowship Hall scheduling.
    • Meet weekly with the Senior and Associate Pastors to plan and review the Emergent Worship service.
    • Plan and assist in other Special Services at the discretion of the Pastors.
    • Research requirements, obtain pricing, place orders, and coordinate purchases of necessary equipment, services, licenses, and music used for the Emergent Worship service.
    • Assist with the development and purchase of promotional materials.
    • Support social media and other communication methods regarding Emergent Worship activities.

  • General staff requirements
    • Attend the weekly staff meeting.
    • Seek out and participate in continuing education opportunities.
    • Ensure that church property and equipment used in ministry area are well maintained, accounted for, and safely stored when not in use.
    • Participate in the life of the church.

Secondary Job Responsibilities:

  • Attend
    • Weekly staff meetings
    • Worship Committee meetings
    • Additional meeting responsibilities shall be at the discretion of the Senior Pastor.
  • Other duties, as assigned by the Senior or Associate Pastor

 Core Competencies:

  • Supportive of United Methodist doctrine and polity.
  • Education and Experience
    • Experience with leading Contemporary (Modern or Classical) and/or Emergent Worship.
  • Administrative Abilities
    • Computer skills, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and basic internet competency.
    • Skilled in use of contemporary worship web services.
    • Proficiency in one of the following instruments preferred: keyboard/piano, guitar, or drums, and ability to direct any musicians playing during worship.
    • Demonstrate vocal ability and capability in directing vocalist for the worship, including soloists, ensembles, and choirs.
    • Able to arrange and transpose music, lead rehearsals, mentor and teach music to volunteer musicians
    • Excellent administrative ability to manage multiple teams and individual volunteers, coordinate schedules, and plan worship.
  • Communication Skills
    • Ability to professionally and compassionately take and respond to emails, phone calls, and visits from church members and non-church members.
    • Competent is use of social media.


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