Our Regular Weekly Events

  • Sunday

    Sunday morning -  A complete listing is on our "Welcome" page.
    6:30 pm - Our Beacon Youth Group meet in the Youth Room, located on the Second Floor in the Southeast Corner of our church building.
  • Monday

    Church Board and Committee meeting night.
    1st Monday                                  Fellowship and Missions
    2nd Monday                                Trustees
    2nd Monday (odd months)    SPRC (7:00pm)
    3rd Sunday                                  Education (5:30)
    3rd Monday (odd months)    Finance (7:00pm)
    4th Monday (Odd months       Administrative Council (7:00pm)
    4th Monday (Even months)     Worship 
  • Tuesday

    10:00 am - Staff Meeting
    6:45pm - Boy Scouts
  • Wednesday

     - Bible Study in the Parlor.  Current Series - "Unshakable Hope: Building our lives on the Promises of God" by Max Lucado.    Through May, our series focuses on Jesus The Messiah.  We'll take a sweeping look at Jesus' public life and teachings.   Each lesson is independent, so come whenever you can!  for More information contact Chas Etheridge  (etheridges@usa.net).
    5:30 - Larchmont Ringers Bell Choir rehearsal.  
    6:30 - pm Prayer Group Session.  Click here to participate via Zoom.
    7:30 pm - Adult Choir Rehearsal in the Choir Room on the Second floor of the Administrative Wing.
  • Thursday

    Open for scheduling!
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