A note from Matthew Stevens,
Director of Congregational Giving
Church World Service

Dear friends at Larchmont United Methodist Church,

Your congregation’s support of CWS Blankets is an act of faith. You don’t know where exactly the blankets will go, but you have faith that they will answer a future need.

Trinity Presbyterian Church in Dayton, OH couldn’t have known that the future need would be their own. Late on Memorial Day, a tornado outbreak blasted through Dayton and its suburbs. Rev. Terry Kukuk knew the congregation needed to mobilize for its neighbors, sharing that “...throughout the course of the first couple of days as we were trying to gain footing and how to help, not only did we call in our Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Team, then we were also encouraged [to contact] Church World Service–and that’s when the bell went off. Oh, my gosh! All of the years of packing the kits and the blankets and the buckets, now they can come to us."

This brings me to tears. Your outpouring of love is a river that nurtures all - including your own community. If you'd like to share this encouragement with your congregation, here's the story and video.

Thank you for your bold acts of faith. They are a powerful response to prayers.

Larchmont United Methodist Church

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