Planned Giving

Why Planned Giving?

  • Freely Giving is part of Spiritual Growth -  It transforms you and enables Larchmont UMC and Church Family to fulfill our Global Mission - making Disciples of Jesus Christ to Transform the World - for many years and generations to come.
  • Maximize your Philanthropic Goals - You determine where and when your money goes to doe the most good.
  • Leave a Legacy - Make a difference in people's lives and always be remembered for your contribution.
  • Have a positive impact - Planned Giving provides benefits to you, your family, and Larchmont United Methodist Church.

Planned Giving has two aspects:

  • An annual giving plan and

  • a legacy giving plan for after you join the saints 

  • Annual giving.  Everyone should have an annual giving plan.  For example, you may chose to give 10% of your after-tax income.  That could be 10% to Larchmont UMC or a combination of percentages to LUMC and charitable organizations.  It doesn't matter.  Just have a plan and stick to it!
  • Legacy giving.  Planning on how to distribute your assets after death is very personal decision that takes time and prayer.  Please include giving to Larchmont UMC in your will or trust.
  • Consider combining the two.  Your plan may include annual giving and putting aside or designating money to fund a legacy.  You don't have to wait until you depart this world to start legacy giving.
To see the many ways available to support Larchmont UMC through a  Legacy Giving Plan,  Visit the Virginia United Methodist Foundation website by clicking this link, .   
Before you make any long-term decisions, we recommend you consult a lawyer or Financial Planner specializing in estate planning.
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