PUMPKINS ARE COMING  SUNDAY, 9/25 -  We need your help. This is our largest fund raiser to support all of our missions.  Come help!  It's fun and we will show you what to do if you're not sure.

Something for Everyone

If you are looking for a place to worship, have fellowship, serve, and have fun along the way, you found the right place.   At LUMC, you will find a welcoming smile, a handshake, and an opportunity to practice your faith in the service of others.    We help seekers begin in faith,  believers grow in faith, and  our community thrive in faith!

What to expect

We have two Sunday services, an 8:35LIVE modern service with acoustic music and singing, Sunday School classes at 9:30 AM for all ages, and a traditional worship service at 10:30 AM.   You can dress as casual as you'd like and expect to be warmly welcomed!

A little song and video about who we are and  where we're going.   Please join us !

There's Something Happening  at LUMC -
The Only Thing Missing is You!

Larchmont United Methodist Church

1101 Jamestown Crescent,  Norfolk, Virginia 23508