Legacy Giving

Legacy Giving comes in many forms, each designed to meet the intentions and needs for the giver.  Options include:
  •  Cash
  • Securities
  • Bequests & Memorials
  • IRAs
  • Life Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Various vehicles providing a life-long income

No matter what vehicle you use to make a Legacy Gift, know that I will help provide a solid foundation for funding LUMC’s God-directed ministry, mission, and outreach work.  

For more information about our Endowment Program and how you can participate, click on the documents on this page.

For a more complete list of options, with explanations, contact one of our Endowment Committee members via our church office or click to open the Ways of Planned Giving Brochure.

We recommend you consult an attorney, CPA, or financial planner prior to deciding on the Legacy Giving vehicle that best fits your intentions and needs.