How it all started...

One July night in 1910, six people with a common purpose met in a home on Hanover Avenue in Norfolk, VA.   Their vision was to build a church in the small neighborhood community of Larchmont.   Soon, they were joined by others of like mind.   Within a year and a half, they had started the church they envisioned — Larchmont Methodist Church.

Since that historic meeting, God has provided numerous men and women who have followed the course established by those early leaders.   Over the years, the church has continued to grow, both as a people and as a building.   In 1954, the current sanctuary was built to replace the 1911 worship space.   The original worship space was then renovated to become the church’s fellowship hall.   It was renovated again and enlarged in 2014 to accommodate more people and to house the 9:45  Emergent Worship Service that began in October of that year.   In 2007, a former classroom downstairs was converted into the Gwinn Chapel where we held a less formal service at 8:45 until 2021.
There have been many other renovations to our building and grounds,  over the years, including major upgrades to our commercial-grade church kitchen, a complete make-over of our youth room, and the addition of a large parking lot and green space where we hold many of our outdoor activities.   All of this is what allows LUMC to be a vibrant, engaging, and inclusive church that follows Jesus Christ!  

Expanding the vision...

To know where you're going, you must know from whence you've come.    Our church has lived through two World Wars, witnessed a revolution in civil rights and a man walk on the moon, and the dawn of a new century.   For over a century, our church family has helped nourish the faith of countless believers, supported those in need, and celebrated lives joys,    (Photo: The original 1911 Larchmont Methodist Church sanctuary is now the Fellowship Hall of LUMC.  The 1954 Steeple, in the background overlooking , its bells ringing daily.)   

Where we are headed...

The faith and vision of our church's founders continues to guide LUMC into the 21st Century.    We have traditional worship services, modern/contemporary music-centered services, Sunday School for all ages, a thriving Youth Program and Preschool.    We're live-streaming on Sundays too.    With Old Dominion University and the world's largest Navy base nearby, LUMC is well-postured to support the spiritual and life needs of many.   All are welcome at LUMC!   (Photo: one of the many children who had fun participating in our annual Spirit Sunday Community Picnic)

Comeback Song

An original song inviting you to come back to church or give us a try if you are new.   We're  here and hoping you'll join our story.

Join Us!

You are always welcome at LUMC!