Planning Your Giving

It is important for everyone to develop a Giving Plan.

Regular Giving

  • These are the gifts you give routinely during a year.  
  • Examples include Pledges or other regular gifts to Larchmont UMC or routine gifts to charitable organizations, colleges or universities.

Special Giving

  • These are gifts you give for special, possibly one-time uses.  
  • Examples include gifts for Larchmont UMC Capital Improvements, such as renovating the Great Room for our children or answering special calls for help from charitable organizations beyond your planned, regular giving.

Legacy Giving

  • These gifts are intended to further future activities of Larchmont UMC or other charitable organizations, colleges or universities.
  • Examples include gifts given both while alive, such as transferring  required minimum distribution, or bequests via wills or Trusts.
There are many ways to give.  There are opportunities to serve with our time and talents--you can see many of them listed under our Volunteer page.  Come join us doing something you can feel good about!

Annual Pledge

Yes! I/We will support our church in the coming year!