Regular & Special Giving

For people that prefer placing gifts in the basket during Sunday Services. Ask our Financial Secretary, Lynn Ford, for your packet (757-489-8168,
Packets contain envelopes for:
  • Pledges
  • Minister’s Discretionary Fund
  • Building Fund and Capital Improvements
  • Special Giving Opportunities

Electronic Funds Transfer
  • For people that want to ensure their gift is provided routinely, even when not attending regular Sunday Services.
  • Contact your bank to set automatic delivery of your gift via check.
  • You can also provide gifts via one-time authorizations.  Just be sure you let our Financial Secretary, Lynn Ford, know you are making a special donation for a specific use.

  • A handy way to provide gifts, to ensure automatic delivery of regular gifts or one-time, special gifts for a specific use.
  • Made via your computer or tablet via this link:
  • Via your smart phone using this QR Code printed in each Sunday’s Bulletin and various other LUMC documents.
  • Text "Give2LUMC" to 73256